The Grand Valley Trail Adventure Begins

To raise awareness of Grand Trails, Anne Crowe pledged to hike or bike the length of the Grand Valley Trail, through the Grand River Watershed, in 2018.  She will be following the raindrops downstream from Alton to Lake Erie over.  (Please note that the Grand Valley Trail from Alton to Belwood has been closed and this section no longer exists).  This is her blog:

The great April ice storm delayed the start of the adventure–the Pinnacle may not be very high but climbing it in freezing rain would still qualify as suicidal.  So yesterday, on a cold grey day we drove to Alton and climbed the short steep trail to the official endpoint of the GVTA.  From the top of the Pinnacle we were rewarded with a view between the trees over the surrounding countryside.

Our new Garmin GPS cooperated and we were able to map our route and post it to Google Maps.  This will enable us to map the entire trail, designating on-road sections, multi-use trails and hiking trails as we go.

At the next opportunity we will return with our bikes to bike the next section, along mainly quiet country roads, making a round trip on the Elora Cataract Trail, finishing where the ECT connects with the Bruce Trail system in Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.  In a few short months we hope to be fitter and hopefully more knowledgeable of our own backyard.

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