3 Breweries and a Market

To see the route, click here.

The day dawned sunny and warm–the perfect day for a bike ride.  14 cycling and craft beer enthusiasts met at Block 3 Brewery in St. Jacobs at opening time.  After tasting the latest offerings, everyone hopped on their bikes.  Unfortunately the trail along the Conestogo River, one of the main tributaries of the Grand, was closed for maintenance, so the group detoured along quiet back streets in St. Jacobs, heading to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market.

Where to start?  Fresh fruit and vegetables?  Handmade crafts?  Apple fritters?  Maple syrup, fresh from the tree?  Everyone headed off in different directions to satisfy their personal yearning.

Regrouping, they faced the only treacherous part of the ride–crossing the Highway 85 bridge with busy traffic.  Someday perhaps the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will consider cyclists as well as motorists when designing highway crossings.

After another quick beer tasting at Innocente Brewery (Pils-Sinner anyone?), the group were glad to take Waterloo’s multi-use trails and bike lanes to the WaterLoop.  Evidence of the previous day’s storm was evident with a downed tree blocking the trail, but undaunted the group pressed on to Uptown Waterloo and their final destination, Abe Erb.  There they revived their spirits with lots of iced water, more craft beer and a late lunch.

A great way to celebrate Jane Jacobs and the late arrival of spring.

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