GVT Day 14: An Urban Adventure

Map 10 Kitchener (12 km by bicycle)

Despite the heat warnings to stay indoors today, we decided to tackle the next section of the Grand Valley Trail through Kitchener.  We set out early from Wilson Ave and Wabanaki Dr,  intending to bike the first on-road section and to hike once we hit hiking trails.  The trail initially follows Hidden Valley Rd, a tiny oasis of calm in the city, with farmland on one side and mansions which back onto the river on the other.

Hidden Valley Garden

The trail then takes Fairway Road under Highway 8.  Even on a holiday Monday, Fairway Road was busy, so we walked along the sidewalk rather than compete with impatient motorists.  From King St, it ducks through a fence behind the fire station and onto Morgan Avenue.  After that unpleasant episode, the rest of the ride was a joy.  The GVT passes Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort and then pieces together a series of gravel multi-use trails through neighbourhood parks.  The most interesting sight:  the Math Wall in Morrison Park (designed by a 14 year old student with a grant from the city of Kitchener).

We made it all the way back to our finish at Woolner Trail by bicycle.   Given our early finish, I returned to Natchez Woods to repeat a short section which our GPS had failed to record properly.  The mosquitoes seem to have heeded the advice to take it easy today, so it was possible to take the time to admire the majestic old trees in the forest; and to photograph the teasels beside the Grand River and the bright red bane-berries (which are as toxic as they look).

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