GVT Day 17: Back to the Grand River

Map 8 Paris  (11.5 km cycling)

This morning the air was cool, with just a hint of the coming fall.  The sky was a hazy blue (perhaps from the wildfires in the west) dotted with puffy white clouds.  It was a perfect day to go for a bike ride with our friends.  From Glen Morris, the Grand Valley Trail takes the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail, which is part of the Trans Canada Trail.  This well-maintained and signed multi-use trail hugs the river bank offering frequent views of the river.  The river is much wider and flows peacefully with only occasional rapids to jolt canoeists attentive.   The banks of the river are forested, with few signs of civilization, giving the impression of traveling through a wilderness.

We were soon in Paris, a beautiful little town with a well-preserved thriving historic centre.  We stopped at the Midtown Kitchen and Coffee Co for artisanal bacon and smoked meat sandwiches on homemade sourdough bread.  We ate on the back patio, overlooking the river.  A constant parade of canoes, inflatable rafts and standup paddle boards passed by–reminding us that we must take to the river when we have completed the Grand Valley Trail.

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