GVT Day 18: A Stroll Along the Grand River

Map 7 Brantford to Map 8 Paris 

(12.6 km hiking, return by bike on S.C. Johnson/Trans Canada Trail)

The Grand Valley Trail between Brantford and Paris is just as you would imagine the trail to be:  a well-maintained and well-marked path through the woods beside the river.  The sun was shining, but the forest shaded the trail and there was a cool breeze carrying the sounds of rustling leaves; the rippling of water over shoals in the river; and the buzz of love-sick cicadas desperate to mate before the end of the summer.  Civilization seemed far away.

The trail passes Brant’s Crossing and a massive pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Grand River.  The Grand Valley Trail doesn’t cross the bridge, but we could not resist making a detour to enjoy the view of the river from the bridge.

The trail continues through the woods.  Eventually the sounds of nature are replaced by the sounds of traffic on Highway 403.  The Grand Valley Trail joins the S.C. Johnson Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail) and crosses the highway on pedestrian bridge.  Brant County has excellent trail signage, including their own Grand Valley Trail signs.

After following the rail trail for a little while, the GVT dives back into the woods and follows the curve of the river into Paris.  We collected our bikes and rode into town for a coffee, before cycling back to Brantford along the S.C. Johnson Trail, an impeccable, multi-use trail, which is part of the Trans Canada Trail network.



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