Click here for an interactive map of the Grand Watershed Trail, a proposed hiking and cycling route along the length of the Grand River.

The Grand River is a Canadian Heritage River.  Uniquely, the river itself will be a key trail within the network.  The project will celebrate the watershed’s indigenous roots and remind us of the river’s historical role as a thoroughfare prior to the advent of roads.

Information on canoeing and kayaking the river (including access points, current river levels and safety information) may be obtained from the Grand River Conservation Authority.  For a map of river access points, click here.

For everything you need to know to start your canoeing or kayaking adventure, purchase a copy of Paddling the Grand River:  A trip-planning guide to Ontario’s historic Grand River, by the Grand River Conservation Authority with Jamie Kent.  Available at bookstores and on line.

The Grand Valley Trail is a long-distance hiking trail which follows the Grand River from Belwood to Port Maitland.  For a map of the Grand Valley Trail, click here.’s iconic Trans Canada Trail (aka The Great Trail) passes through the Grand River watershed from Belwood Lake to Brantford, including a side trail to Guelph.  Another side trail follows the Grand River from Caledonia to Dunnville, on its way to Niagara Falls.  Click here for a map of the Trans Canada Trail in the Grand River Watershed.

The Elora Cataract Trailway is a multi-use rail trail which links the Grand River and Credit River watersheds.  It connects the town of Elora, on the Grand River, to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.

The G2G or Guelph to Goderich Rail Trail is a long distance multi-use trail which connects Guelph to Goderich on Lake Huron.  Within the Grand River watershed, it is called the Kissing Bridge Trail.  The trail crosses the Grand River in West Montrose via Ontario’s last remaining covered bridge.  Click here for a map of the Kissing Bridge Trail.

The Walter Bean Grand River Trail will follow the Grand River from West Montrose to rare Nature Reserve in Cambridge.  From the historic village of Blair, it joins the Grand Trunk Trail  leading into downtown Cambridge.  The Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail is a multi-use trail which hugs close to the river, offering spectacular views of the Grand River.  In Paris, it meets the SC Johnson Trail, which continues downstream to Brantford.  Click here for a map of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail.

Three other trails connect the Grand River Trails to Ontario Great Lakes.  The CP Trail is a multi-use rail trail which connects Dundalk to Owen Sound on Georgian Bay.  In Brantford, the SC Johnson Trail also links with the Brantford to Hamilton Rail Trail , a multi-use trail which connects the Grand River to Lake Ontario.  In addition, the T H & B Rail Trail follows the Great Trail from Brantford to Mount Pleasant.   From there a trail connects to Simcoe and then to Port Dover, which is on the Lake Erie portion of the Waterfront Trail.

Haldimand County has a network of cycling routes that connect with the Grand River.